Derek Hickey plays selection of jigs during workshop at Killarney School of Music

Derek Hickey plays at Workshop

Plays selection of Reels at Killarney School of Music

Louise Mulcahy

Plays Flax in Bloom Reel at Killarney School of Music Concertina Workshop

Michelle Mulcahy

Played by Colm Guilfoyle and Reidun Schlesinger (Teachers at KSOM)

The Morning Thrush Reel

Planxty Irwin on Harp & Flute played by KSOM Teachers

Reidun & Colm Duet

Written for her Daughter Kez, it is called The Kerry Princess

Composition by Marina Blyth

Story of Crooked Johnny at KSOM Culture Night

Ray O Sullivan Tells Yarn

KSOM music teacher plays Colonel Frasers Reel

Colm Guilfoyle on Whistle

KSOM Teachers Play Some Slides

Sean Nos Dance students perform at Culture Night 2011

Brush Dancing

Some KSOM Teachers perform at Culture Night 2011

Culture Night 2011

Kevin Crawford (from Lunasa) plays some tunes at KSOM Exam Cert presentation

Kevin Crawford

Singing Group at New Year Concert

Cian O Sullivan & Sean Kelliher play at Culture Night

Fiddle Ensemble at Killarney Summerfest

Mike, Sean, Mary & Breeda Kelliher perform at Culture Night

Kelliher Clan

Damien Mullane Accordion Workshop

Accordion Masterclass Workshop

Siobhan Peoples Fiddle Workshop

Fiddle Masterclass Workshop

Siobhan Peoples fiddle workshop

Fiddle Masterclass Workshop

Mary Bergin Tin Whistle Workshop

Tin Whistle Masterclass Workshop

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